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About us

Single catalogue of the library pole of Macerata


Through the Centre for library studies (CASB), the University provides assistance for the administrative and operational management of the services associated with the implementation and online management of the provincial library system, which is connected to the national library service (SBN).

With its best evolutions, the library pole currently includes all the libraries of the University of Macerata along with more than 26 external libraries, belonging to districts, other corporations and local institutes. The library pole uses a catalogue containing around 800,000 cataloguing items and has about 110,000 registered users who can avail of many important services online through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).

Through the IT sector for libraries, CASB acts as the technical and administrative manager of the Pole, guaranteeing the following, especially to the corporations who participate through particular agreements:

the availability of servers and systems on the net, to enable access by the library to the main site Sebina Open Library (SOL), together with the National Library Service (SBN) and the OPAC catalogue;
the management of the IT systems and network devices installed at the University, as well as correct maintenance, data cleaning and saving, through backup systems of the cataloguing archive of the Sebina Open Library (SOL) and OPAC, ensuring the correct functioning of the same in relation to the needs of the users of the library services offered by the Pole;
the coordination of the economics and IT libraries, feasible in the phase of library data migration into the Sebina Open library (SOL);
the management of the basic systems currently available on the new portal: Sebina You (updating of the pages: About us, Libraries, Young Readers and In the Showcase);
provision of assistance to library staff with the procedures and in the use of the applications;
the resolution of problems that may come to light due to the use of the Sebina SOL software, limited to the malfunctioning of the same;
the organization of training days during the year to train the library staff about librarian and economic themes and about the management of Sebina Open Library (SOL) related to particular needs of the Pole;


The provincial library pole: organization


On the basis of Rectoral Decree n. 380 dated 6th November 2014, the provincial library pole uses these managing units:

- The Technical Steering Committee

- The Assembly of participating libraries


The technical steering committee deliberates on matters relating to general management, development programmes and all other aspects associated with the organization and activities of the Pole. It consists of:

· the delegate of the Rector for the library system of the University, with functions of president
· the manager of the P.F. Culture of the Marche Region, or his delegate
· the director of the CASB, or his delegate, as head librarian of the Pole
· the director of the University IT services centre (CSIA), or his delegate, as the computer technician of the Pole
· the director of the Mozzi Borgetti Town Library of Macerata, or his delegate
· the director of the National Library of Macerata, or his delegate
· a representative of a library participant in the Pole, chosen subject to annual rotation by the assembly


The assembly of the participating libraries is made up of representatives appointed by each library, with one representative for each; it is convened at least once a year and is presided over by the director of the CASB, or his delegate.

At the assembly, the programmes of activities of the Pole are presented, along with the annual report on the evolution and the development of services, which is drawn up by the director of the CASB, it expresses opinions and puts forward proposals relating to the development of the services.