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CAMERINO - Biblioteca comunale Valentiniana

Via Madonna Delle Carceri (Rotary Palace)

62032 Camerino


Referent: dr. Francesco Maria Aquili

Tel.: 0737 636041




Accesso disabili: Total access

Honorary Director Pier Luigi Falaschi


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The Valentiniana Library was founded in 1802 by the book lover Sebastiano Valentini. He received the library heritage after the unification of the Kingdom, some of it was put together from the medieval era, some from the ecclesiastic fold established in the city and abolished because of the subversive laws. Qualified from the time of its foundation, also as the central library of the University of Camerino, it becomes the recipient, from the first decade of the twentieth century – when the university libraries institute took off – of the majority of the acquisitions arranged for by the Faculty of Law and the Medical School that were active at that time in the local University. Currently, the heritage of the library – which consists of hundreds of manuscripts and incunabula, approximately ten thousand five hundred and many tens of thousands of Italian and foreign volumes, that are especially scientific themes, hails from the XVII-XX centuries - making the library an important institution, in particular for researchers who have a high scientific profile, and who are interested in the history of literature, law, architecture, medical science, and general science. Given its characteristics, the daily contacts of the library with scholars from all over the world are not surprising. The bibliographical material gained over the last years and associated with the territory of Camerino and the Marche is interesting for scholars engaging in research on the institutions and the cultural heritage that Camerino expressed down through the centuries.