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CORRIDONIA - Biblioteca comunale

Piazza del Popolo, 13

62014 Corridonia


Referent: Michele Spano'

Tel.: 0733 439912

Fax: 0733 433226





Accesso disabili: Total access

Il servizio di Prestito interbibliotecario/Document delivery e Prestito intersistemico è sospeso dal 24/7 al 16/8.

Director Renzo Calvigioni


Orario ordinario

dal 01/01/2024 al 31/12/2024

15:00 - 18:00
15:00 - 18:00

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Open shelves

Interlibrary loans

PCs with internet connection



Inaugurated on the 19th of September 2009, the Town Library of Corridonia has two reading rooms where users can read and consult all its books: The General Room and the Corridoni Room. The total offer of seating consists of 12 work stations; each of them is fitted with spotlights and sockets. For the users of the library institute there are also two multimedia stations. Users can quickly engage in consultation of the catalogue and the bibliographical stock (which currently consists of 5,400 volumes) through a simple IT station, enabling easy consultancy from the comfort of the users own home, regarding the presence of a book that the user may be interested in. The collocation of the library stock is on open shelves - with the exception of some documentary sections in which the rarity and preciousness of the books require special handling - which makes it easy for users to find the various collections, enabling them to take advantage of the potential of the library, without having to request the intervention of the library staff, who are always happy to help if called upon. Furthermore, users can avail of the reading rooms to study even with their own books. In conclusion, the Library offers a large conference room that is normally used for book exhibits, seminars, illustrated introductions to literature and conferences. Reading days for families and kids take place in a recently inaugurated room for young people dedicated to “Anna Paola Batocchi”, which is fittingly furnished with cushions, colours, 12 little seats and a lot of books.

The collections of particular quality in the library are the Luigi Lanzi collection (an art history reviewer in the eighteenth century, the Abbot Luigi Antonio Lanzi), the Corridoni collection (inspired by the trade unionist Filippo Corridoni, MOVM of the Great War), the Cotroneo collection (complete with National and International catalogues and art books not only in Italian, but also in foreign languages), the Taddei and Craia collections (these also deal with art in its various shapes and forms), and the Slow Food collection (which is about “food culture” in every form).

Beyond the normal services of internal and external loans, the library offers a high level of interlibrary loans and document delivery with payment of a small fee, that covers shipping costs. The local library institute is part of the project “Nati per Leggere” organizing reading days for families and kids every month, especially thanks to the collaboration of volunteers.