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MACERATA - Biblioteca Statale

Via Garibaldi, 20

62100 Macerata


Referent: Responsabile - Dott.ssa Maria Luisa Palmucci

Tel.: 0733/232965

Fax: 0733/232984


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Accesso disabili: Partial access

Director: Maria Luisa Palmucci
Librarian staff: Ornella Monti


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dal 01/01/2022 al 31/12/2022

09:00 - 13:00
09:00 - 17:00
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09:00 - 13:00

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The Library is of a general character, with particular attention to the publication of humanistic and artistic themes, as well as the ones of a local character. The heritage increases every year with the most important editorial news, whether in the works of the consultation sector, or works meant to be read onsite and for external loan, with particular attention to Italian and foreign narrative. Among the ancient collections there are: The Buonaccorsi collection (around 8,000 volumes – 15th -19th century) , the Castelbarco-Albani collection (around 1,400 volumes – 15th – 18th century), the ancient Library of the Courthouse of Macerata, (around 1,700 volumes and periodicals, of a juridical genre, - 18th – 20th century), the Balelli photographic collection (11,000 photographic sheets, sheet films and photos) that details the aspects of everyday life within the territory of Macerata from the beginning of twentieth century to the’60s. There is also an “autograph library” called Vinci, which houses a collection of hundreds of letters, notes and various cards with the autographs of famous personalities from Italian and local history. The Library offers users two thematic sections: the women’s section and the music section.
The available work stations for users are divided into two rooms: 54 in the consultation room and 72 in the reading room. Users can avail of 10 internet stations. The Institute often houses conferences, as well as book exhibits and seminars. The Civil Library of Macerata is connected to the SBN Pole, the National Library Service of the University of Macerata, and its catalogue is available online.