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MACERATA - Biblioteca Musei Civici 'Amedeo Ricci'

Via Don Minzoni, 24

62100 Macerata


Referent: Dott. Gianluca Puliti

Tel.: 0733 256505

Fax: 0733 256354


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dal 01/01/2024 al 31/12/2024

10:00 - 13:00
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In April 2012, the Civil Museum of Palazzo Buonaccorsi activated a library service in compliance with the indications of D. M. 10 May 2011- range VII, according to it, the museum should have a centre in which “the editorial and multimedia, scientific and educational production of the office, the collections and the artists participating in the museum, as well as that acquired thanks to a gift, exchange or purchase" should be housed together and made accessible.

The library collection, which is dedicated to Amedeo Ricci, is composed of publications that are about:

  • Museology;
  • Management/protection/valorisation of cultural heritage; carriages and related themes such as horses, horseracing and trips;
  • Iconography and art history;
  • Various museums and/or Italian and foreign art collections;
  • Exhibitions and art awards (prevalent types);
  • Kids and museums, that is, books to introduce kids to art or books for kids concerning art and/or museums;
  • History and Geography concerning the territory of Macerata.

There are also:

  • 23 books, published between the end of the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century, donated in 1962 by Pieralberto Conti and regarding horses;
  • 5 graduation theses regarding museums or artists from Macerata.
  • Books published for art exhibitions or awards.

The library heritage has been catalogued through the Decimal Dewey System (CDD), which is also used for the collocation on shelves.
The adoption of this method has enabled a perfect explanation of the various themes dealt with and the shelve collocation is organized by subject, as in other specialized libraries.

In the room there are 8 work stations and one multimedia station with an internet connection.