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SAN SEVERINO - Biblioteca comunale 'F. Antolisei'

Via C. Battisti, 1

62027 San Severino Marche


Referent: Antonella Pascarella

Tel.: 0733 641313


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dal 01/01/2024 al 31/12/2024

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The Library has around 37,000 volumes that go from the end of the XIV to the XX century. The ancient fund includes 355 manuscripts, of which 50 about music, 69 incunabula, around 1,900 editions from the XVI century, 2,400 from the XVII century, more than 10,000 from the XVIII and XIX centuries and over 250 periodicals dating from 1668.

In the modern fund there is: a section for teens with more than 2,300 volumes, a collection of works of local genre (Marche section) and various running periodicals.

374 drawings by Filippo Bigioli, 798 etchings and prints by various artists are to be added to the material of the library (1798-1878) . In the 1980’s a Photo library was created with photos relating to aspects of the civil, social and economic life of the territory. In the library there is the photographic collection by Remo Scuriatti, a citizen of San Severino Marche (1900-1972) which consists of 2,500 photos and more than 1,000 photographical sheets. Recently 450 pictures were donated by the family of the Ten. Col. of the Infrantry A. Mataloni (1892-1952).

In the 80s, the library was enriched further thanks to the Turchi and Biondi donations. The first includes works of a juridical nature, the second consists of a collection with more than 3,000 publications; books, magazines and catalogues mostly concerning contemporary art.

In 2001 a private part of the library of the Servanzi family and the remainders of the precious archive of Severino Servanzi Collio were purchased by the Municipality of San Severino; in the same year, the rooms opened to the public were renovated, providing it with modern and functional furniture and various IT and multimedia tools. In 2013, the library was enriched by the F. Coletti collection (1866- 1940) considered to be one of the most eminent contemporary Italian economists and statistics specialists. Three rooms of the library are named after him, his library includes volumes, booklets and magazines about the economy, statistics, agriculture, etc.

The Antolisei Library offers 24 work stations and 1 internet post.