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SARNANO - Biblioteca comunale

Via Leopardi, 1

62028 Sarnano


Referent: dott.ssa Laura Venanzi

Tel.: 0733 659923

Fax: 0733 659940


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(responsabile) dott.ssa Anna Marinozzi (referente) dott.ssa Laura Venanzi


La Biblioteca è aperta con il seguente orario

dal 01/01/2024 al 31/12/2024

10:15 - 13:00
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The civil library of Sarnano, which was opened to the public in 1868, was established as a Franciscan library and has its origins in the XIV century, when the minors of the convent settled inside the town walls (1327 – 1329) due to the destruction of their first convent in Roccabruna (now Valcajano).

The ancient Franciscan library

The library heritage of the ancient Franciscan library, which is characterized by a philosophical-theological culture, was enriched through the centuries thanks to the zeal of erudite and religious people; among these is Cardinal Costanzo Torri (1529-1595) a native of Sarnano and a minor of the convent, a professor of metaphysics and theology at the university of Perugia, Padua and Rome, thanks to him the library possesses the collection of important medieval philosophical and theological codices that are now preserved in the Library. The manuscript codices of the XIV and XV centuries are numerous (83), there are also manuscripts from the XVI century and onwards (approx.165), incunabula (61) and cinquecentine (all catalogued in OPAC), with rare editions and unique specimens.
Thanks to certain interventions financed by the Civil Administration and supported by the Province, initiatives have been activated to value the inestimable heritage of the ancient library, which remains unknown for a lot of people.

Modern heritage of the library and services

The heritage of the library includes more than 20,000 volumes, 15,000 of which are part of the modern fund. The principal goal of the library is to offer users the essential tools for a basic orientation and analysis in all fields of knowledge.
Since 2004, the Civil Library of Sarnano has been part of the SBN Library Pole of the territory of Macerata and it is also connected to the National Library Service (S.B.N.).

Seats in the studying room: 20

Posts for internet connection : 2

Specialized sections:

  • local history
  • weapons (connected to the civil museum of ancient and modern weapons)

Cultural activities:

  • Reading promotion

Collaboration with the local Study Centre of Sarnano, a cultural association formed in 1987 and situated within the Library, with the goal of promoting study and research on local history.